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Lisa Nieschlag

Lisa Nieschlag Food-Blogger


Lisa Nieschlag, based in Germany, is a graphic designer and co-founder of Nieschlag + Wentrup, an agency for communication design. She is also a bestselling cookbook author with several titles in print („New York Christmas“, „AdventAdvent“, „DAYlicious"...) and co-founder of the popular food blog Liz & Jewels, together with photographer Julia Cawley. Lisa combines her love for food in her photography and her daily work as a graphic designer, but also teaches food styling & photography at the workshops she hosts throughout Germany. Lisa works with natural light and believes food should look delicious and natural.

In 2015 Lisa was the winner of the category „Non-documentary food film“ at the „Pink Lady Food Photography Award“. Lisa’s work has been featured in several magazines, including Sweet Paul, Land&Berge, SweetDreams, Couch and Wienerin. Her next cookbooks are already in the making.

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