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Malgorzata Stepien

Malgorzata Stepien


Malgorzata Stepien is a photographer living and working in Barcelona. She is a passionate foodie even though she proclaims her lack of cooking skills in her blog called “The real Meal”. Her blog is dedicated to everyone who is passionate about great cooking and willing to share their love and recipes.

Malgorzata Stepien really loves to eat. As a food photographer she says she sometimes feels as if she has two mouths to feed – the real and the visual. Her blog is designed to satisfy both. She was quick to realize that good cooking begins with a love of food and she pays homage to all the creative cooks who are willing to share their experience and their creations. These great chefs are not professionals but are grandmothers, DJs, children, artists, students and others who have that one perfect recipe that everyone craves.

Malgorzata, who says she’s not a great cook herself, can certainly dole out the magic when it comes to setting the scene and styling and photographing the fabulous recipes. The winning combination of great food and beautiful pictures makes her blog a success. She invites would be chefs to contact her and gladly brings her camera to their kitchens. Her blog entries are published in English or Spanish – another symbol of the two mouths she has to feed.

Frisches Kalbfleisch auf Papier Kiwisalat mit Trauben und Sprossen Verschiedene Gemüsescheiben, Lachs und Zitrone Verschiedene Gemüsescheiben, Essblüten, Salat und Kräuter Fleischterrine mit Walnüssen und Brot Edamame mit Chiliringen (Asien)