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Monika Halmos


Monika Halmos is happiest in her garden, surrounded by fragrant herbs and fresh vegetables. She is a passionate cook and divides her time between cooking for friends and writing articles and books about food and drinks. She loves trying new recipes, discovering new tastes and meeting new friends.

Her family comes from Transylvania, the Ukraine, Hungary and Vienna, locations which have influenced their cuisine. Monika often draws on the fusion cuisine from the Carpathian basin for her recipes. Her fascination with flowers is also rooted in her childhood memories. She was always interested in edible flowers and has collected recipes from old cookbooks, rural cooks and from foreign literature.

She developed her skills through courses and encounters with masters in the field. She regards cooking and the writing of cookery books as a complex arts. Her first book on edible flowers was published in 1999 and established her expertise. She now gives lectures, holds courses and continues to create new recipes for flowers. Her latest cookbook, Veilchen, Rose & Lavendel (Violet, Rose & Lavender) was published by the Freya Verlag, in Austria in June, 2014.

Birnenkompott mit Vanille Birnenmarmelade mit Walnüssen und Vanille Apfeltaschen mit Salbeiblättern Mufflon-Ragout mit Gemüse und Rosmarin-Blätterteig-Würfeln Mufflonknödel mit Sauerkraut Selbstgemachter Ingwersirup mit Orange und Honig