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Trudy Schuringa

Trudy Schuringa


Trudy Schuringa is a Melbourne based commercial/art photographer whose clients represent some of Australia's leading brands and quality products.Perhaps best known for her tempting photographs of fine foods and wines, Trudy also works with major clients in fashion, luxury goods, gifts, furnishings and homewares.

She supplies images for cookbooks, editorials, annual reports and to a number of magazines and journals including Melbourne Homes, Pools &Outdoor, Kitchen & Bathrooms, Wineries of Victoria, Epicurean, James Haliday's Wine Companion, Coles Baby & Toddler, Qantas Magazine and Good Taste.Her clients value her talent for providing 'a different take' on ideas, her passion for style and colour and her unique lighting techniques, which she uses to produce memorable images in both studio and location settings.

Trudy enjoys her work and this enjoyment is infectious. She says that yes, there is a job to be done but you can achieve so much more with a smile on your face.Perhaps that is why her clients say she is not only the best in the business, but also great fun to work with!As an artist, Trudy takes time to explore new ideas through many personal projects and is regular contributor to arts festivals, hubs, group shows and community and environmental arts' initiatives and is in constant demand for producing (often quirky) portraits and artist portfolios.Whatever the assignment, Trudy says all her work has equal importance and she sees each project as a creative journey.

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