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Winfried Heinze

Winfried Heinze


Winfried Heinze is an international photographer, specializing in food and lifestyle photography. His work appears regularly in top magazines and worldwide publications.

Living between London and Lake Constance, flexibility comes naturally to Winfried Heinze. He has to adjust to the needs of his huge variety of clients and jobs, which keeps him on to top of things and constantly pushes him to new artistic endeavor. He is a deeply visual person and loves to read, but says that he automatically translates the words into pictures.

Winfried feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to deal with the 'beautiful and unusual' things in life. By combining the right ingredients - team members, locations, props and a little technology - he stimulates the working atmosphere to produce fine and memorable images.

Schokoladen-Fudge-Brownies zum Valentinstag Schokoladen-Lavendel-Shortbread zum Valentinstag Schokoladentrüffeln zum Valentinstag Dunkler und weisser Schokoladenbruch mit Pistazien und Erdbeeren zum Valentinstag Cocktail mit Whiskey, Apfelsaft und Feigenlikör Rote-Bete-Cocktail mit Whiskey