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Oxana Afanasieva

Oxana Afanasieva


It all began four years ago when Oxana Afanasieva began working with food and photography. Her photos mirror her passion for presenting the beautiful things in life through the lens of her camera. She loves everything to do with eating and drinking, decorating and interior design.

The attractive young food and lifestyle photographer works in Italy where she has made a name for herself thanks to her inventive way of exclusively using natural light to portray food images. Her photos capture the intrinsic nature of food, conveying the taste and unique beauty of each product to the printed page. For her the most important thing when it comes to photography - is the light.

Blumenkohl-Cheddar-Quiche Bunte Blumenkohlröschen mit Knoblauch und Zwiebeln auf Backblech Tabouleh aus lila Blumenkohl mit Granatapfelkernen Bunte Blumenkohlröschen, in Essig eingelegt Risotto mit gelbem und lila Blumenkohl Verschiedenfarbiger Blumenkohl im Emaillesieb