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Bodo A. Schieren


The Duisburg-born photographer sets the scene perfectly. His food images seem to float into view, his fish are ready to swim out of the frame and his beverages shout “drink me!” Bodo A. Schieren spares no effort to make his images come to life.

The German photographer studied graphic design at the Academy of Design in Krefeld and worked as an art director for several publicity agencies in Düsseldorf and Munich. In 1975 he set up his own studio and started working as a freelance graphic designer. By the 1980s he’d discovered his true vocation: food photography.

Since then he has won numerous awards for his startlingly fresh images. He specializes in still life photography and beverages and is the author of several cookery books and a member of BFF, the Alliance of Freelance Foto Designers in Germany.

Bodo A. Schieren also creates unique sculptures which he fashions from found materials and what he calls “civilization trash”. He finds inspiration for his art on the volcanic island of Stromboli.

Frische Marzano Tomaten über einer Aludose Eine gekochte Spaghetti-Nudel hängt von einer Holzgabel Großes Nudelstilleben in Form der Landkarte von Italien Splash durch eine Erdbeere, die in Joghurt fällt Vier Kugeln gemischtes Eis in Glasbecher mit Sahne & Waffeln Ein Glas Mai Tai mit Strohhalmen; Limetten, Ananas, Kirsche Oliven auf Löffel mit Olivenöl begiessen