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Anne Faber

Anne Faber Food-Blogger


Award winning food photographer Anne Faber loves shooting cakes, pastries and sweet things but is always ready for the challenge of more difficult subjects ranging from Mediterranean tapas and oriental delights to hearty German comfort food. More than 10,000 visitors click on her food blog, "Anne's kitchen" every month.

Anne Faber is from Luxembourg but now lives in London. She came to the U.K. to study and discovered that its capital city has some of the greatest food in the world, so she started “Anne’s Kitchen” to share her growing recipe collection. The success of her blog led her to other endeavors. She is the author of two cookbooks and has her own TV cooking show.

"Today I find myself lucky I do exactly what I’ve always wanted to do: cook, photograph and film food," says the food photographer. She loves Thai food and travels to Thailand once a year to do food research. But she also loves British comfort food such as pies, roasts and slow-cooked stews.

Her dream is to keep on developing recipes, shooting and styling food and filming her TV show.

Anne's goal is to inspire people to eat well and foster a love for cooking. "For me cooking is all about sharing and enjoying life," she says.

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